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Forest Hills 1st Hill

The beautiful suburb of Forest Hills is located in the Upper Highway area of Durban and is surrounded by Hillcrest, Kloof and Waterfall. Forest Hills is spread over 2 adjacent hills, which are connected to Kloof and Waterfall by Bridle Road, and is partly bordered by Krantzkloof Nature Reserve. A selection of major chain stores for most purchases including groceries, hardware and clothing can be found at Watercrest Mall and Link Hills Centre, which are a short drive away. Forest View Primary School, for Grades R to 7 is situated on the 2nd Hill of Forest Hills and various other schools for all age groups are within easy reach in the neighbouring suburbs of Hillcrest, Kloof and Waterfall. A number of medical practices are located in Waterfall and Hillcrest Private Hospital is approximately 15 minutes away.

Keeping crime at bay

As with similar efforts in other areas, Forest Hill 1st Hill Community Watch is an initiative driven by the residents and has been active since 2012 working to minimise crime in the area. Other than the community involvement and geographical advantage of being on a hill surrounded by deep valleys on both sides, the security is further enhanced through the successful partnership between the Community Watch and our preferred security provider, Blue Security

We aim to create good neighbourly relations within the area to encourage community involvement in the reduction of criminal activty on our hill. Through community awareness and involvement, Forest Hills 1 has had a small number of reported incidents over the years compared to other neighbouring areas.

Through the partnership with Blue Security, a dedicated Armed Response Officer and patrol vehicle are operational in the area on a 24 hour basis. Further to the active policing, the installation of ANPR and CCTV cameras as part of the larger Blue Security CFW initiative allows remote surveillance of activity in the area. 

Other than the security aspects of the area, the Community Watch attempts to instill a general community spirit in the area.

Patrol Group

A Community Watch patrol group is active in the area to assist the Blue ARO by providing additional eyes and ears in the area. The patrollers conduct patrols, either in vehicles or on foot around the area and report suspicious vehicles or people to Blue Security and other law-enforcement agencies.

Patrollers are in communication with the other patrollers, the Blue ARO and neighbouring area patrol teams via radio, cellphone and WhatsApp groups, ensuring quick transfer of messages should a problem arise. 

If you are interested in joining the patrol group, please Contact Us.

Committee Members

The committee, which is responsible for liaising with Blue Security and other role players, is elected from within the group  of street captains. The committee also maintains regular contact with SAPS, Hillcrest CPF, Blue Security, adjacent neighbourhood watches and other emergency organisations to ensure that the area remains current with happenings in the area.

Current committee members are:

  • Chairperson – Neil Bell
  • Vice Chairperson – Brad May 
  • Secretary & Treasurer – Nicky Baker
  • Patrol Coordinator – Vince Farrar
  • Blue Liaison & Projects – Brad Phillips
  • Member – Ray Ingham

Street Captains

In order to facilitate dissemination of information between the Community Watch and residents, the area is sub-divided in to a number of smaller zones with a volunteer street captain/s looking after each zone. The street captains are part of the chain to disseminate infomation between the Community Watch committee and residents. As part of their responsibility, they also keep track of residents moving in and out of their zone to ensure an updated database is available to contact residents in case of an emergency.

Residents can update their details online here and the information will be passed on to your street captain..

Communication is generally via WhatsApp groups to relay safety tips, alerts and other useful information.

Should you wish to volunteer as a street captain or require more information, please Contact Us.


Sports Club

In the heart of our community lies the Forest Hills Sports Club. The club provides facilities for residents and visitors to particpate in various sporting and social events throughout the year.

Other than facilities which are available for athletics, cricket, soccer, rugby & tennis, there is also the club house with bar facilities which can be hired for social events.