MpitiThe beautiful suburb of Forest Hills is located about 20km west in the Upper Highway area of Durban and is surrounded by Hillcrest, Kloof and Waterfall. The suburb is split over 2 hills which are linked by Bridle Road and it borders on the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve.

While some neighbouring areas have been affected by crime recently, our area has been fairly crime free. This can largely be attributed to the successful Community Watch which is active within the area.

The 1st Hill Community Watch is an initiative by residents on the first hill to ensure that the area remains a desirable area in which to live by nurturing a sense of good neighbourly relations amongst the residents of the area. It also provides a channel through which the community can play a meaningful role in crime prevention in order to strive for a safe and secure neighbourhood.

Blue CPO Vehicle

Blue Security has been appointed as the preferred security provider for the area. Through our partnership with Blue, we have secured a dedicated patrol vehicle and surveillance cameras for the designated area of the hill. A group of dedicated community patrollers also conduct regular day and night patrols around the area to assist the authorities in combatting crime.

Other than the security aspects of the area, the Community Watch is involved in other initiaitives to encourage a general community spirit amongst the residents to make the area a sought after area in which to live.